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I’ve spent 20+ years in the A/E/C marketing sector, working on interesting projects with amazing people. Our profession is challenging, but the difficulty forges lifelong friendships and provides an opportunity for the relentless pursuit of self-improvement. At the core of it all, I’m driven by helping people work on projects that continue to fulfill their career and personal goals.

Cameron the A/E/C Marketing Professional

The majority of my days are writing proposals and managing pursuits. From kick-off to delivery, and then shortlist through negotiations, I support your pursuit entirely. My experience includes pursuits for Federal agencies, State, local cities and counties, regional transportation agencies, and COGs. If it’s a poorly scanned PDF requesting 12pt arial font, double-spaced, 1 inch margins, and a 30 page limit which includes the TOC and resumes, I’m your proposal manager. (FYI, I also manage easier ones… call me for those too!)

After Hours Cam-Cam

Community involvement, volunteering, and donating to help people, kids, and organizations is a passion of mine. Since 2016, I have been an active member of the Society of Marketing Professionals, Sacramento Chapter (www.smps-sac.org). I have met some great (and crazy – you know who you are!) A/E/C marketers while volunteering on committees, participating as a protégé and a mentor in the Mentoring Pathways program, and while serving as VP, President, and Past President. I highly recommend you join, get involved, meet amazing people, and learn something! 

I am also the Head Coach for the West Park HS Boys’ Water Polo team. I love the sport, working with the kids, and the opportunity to coach with both my brothers, Chris and Matt, and our friend Amy. I am also the Meet Referee for the Woodcreek Seawolves Swim Team, a Friend of the Roseville Library, and Frequent Supporter of Every Neighborhood Kid’s Lemonade Stand I pass by.

Cameron in the Wild
I enjoy spending time with my two boys, Cole and Luke, watching movies, playing Cribbage, Rook, Rummikub, and Mahjong, and seeing them compete in water polo and rugby. I like hiking, going to concerts, trailer camping at the river, hunting down enchiladas, and visiting tap rooms. I also enjoy podcasts on self-improvement and health (Jocko and Ed Mylett rock!), martial arts (kenpo), financial markets and cryptocurrency, investing, reading, naps (heck yeah), cooking, dancing with my boys, baking sourdough, knife sharpening, lifting weights (Mentzer!), yoga + meditation, walking my Boston “Louie”, watching funny dog videos on Instagram, and hanging with my four nieces and two nephews.
CT-Tracker – Since 2021, I have been working with Justin Kable, PE, to provide input on the development of CT-Tracker (www.ct-tracker.com). This is the first construction management software built to keep you on-schedule and in compliance with California LAPM requirements. It is made for Construction Managers by Construction Managers. If you are interested in learning more or want to use it, please reach out. I’ll set you up to use it on a project for free.
CA Super Sharp – Recently, I have entered the world of edges. Sharpening, honing, and polishing knives, scissors, shears, garden tools, pruning tools, and woodworking tools. There is little more satisfying that renewing an edge to razor sharp status. Focus during the work must be absolute, and it provides a zen environment where time is absent. If you are interested in  renewing your cutting edge, reach out using the contact form below.

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